Current Hip-Hop Favourites

Here’s hip-hop influenced songs that have been currently on listen.


  1. Rejjie Snow’s new single ‘Virgo’ – A positive vibing song that overlooks Rejjie’s accomplishments and his aspirations for the future. Since his EP, ‘Rejovich’, Rejjie has flown past charts and built a community around him. The song itself addresses family, his friends and looking towards the future with a bright and assured hope. Melody itself is heavily synth-implemented and with a warm and fuzz toned sound. 
  2. Last summer’s release, ‘Foreplay’ by Jalen Santoy brings a heavily jazz sampled track with lyrics of paranoia, relationship and the occult of fame. The vocals are reminiscent of J Cole and brings a clear message of the result of where the artist is and who are to be trusted, always resulting in coming to the close relationships built by long-time friends and family. The chorus is heavy-hitting as it brings the different emotions that the persona feels while being alone and thinking to himself. From the idea of “love” to “hate” to “fuck”, over a line, shows the fact that Santoy keeps idealizing a broken relationship when alone without a friend or loved ones. He shows his many different versions of feelings towards that person. The saxophone sample, ‘Sunny’ by Stanley Turrintine brings a smooth and clear melody to be used as a sample. It brings the listener a cloud of ease and pondering to be taken with the lyrics, making it insatiable not to listen to on repeat.
  3. ‘Magician (Suture)’ by Milo, released this summer. The intro immediately brings intrigue as Milo quotes Friedrich Nietzsche’s, ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’, where he refers to his journey as an artist by being a coal which after a long time yields into a diamond. After a  while, his ambitions and inner passion became a profession and part of his life that others and himself can depend on to go on by. The lyrics of Milo is the most interesting, as he makes references to Aristotle, Pericles and Nimrod, a biblical figure. The song itself brings Milo’s journey in life where he tries to find something that is unknown. Leaving his home, he is in search of “orchids” that are flowers that are found everywhere, so in the search of the unknown. He is trying to find something that would suit his living, a “lotus pond”. The outro brings a positive message to the listeners to be grateful and happy of what they are currently as human beings, as what is, can be the next hour, day or month, gone.