James Taylor – “I Was A Fool To Care”

James Taylor’s romantic ballad, “I Was A Fool To Care”, appoints to the one-sided and hearted relationship that one person may lead to feel towards the other side. The song acts as a realisation of that was has happened and how it could have been avoided, at the same time there is a wish Taylor makes on how to throw away the current, broken emotions that he withholds and to be in a place of another more distant time in the future, where he would feel connected and done with heartbreak, being in-love, wishing he was more older and wiser.

The song is added with smooth and clear acoustic guitar, soft drum acting in the background and a calming orchestra to fit Taylor’s mood. It seems he had suffered a relationship where his partner acted dishonest and conceiving, yet didn’t want to hear from the “grapevine”  the truths of the situation while with her, doing his “level best just to block them out”. This shows Taylor’s deep affection towards his partner and being blinded at the same time by his love towards her. He realises later this as “love has no eyes” and looks back on his friends and what they “were on about”.  What adds to the sting that he feels, is that he still is in love with her, after all that had happened.

Even in his heartbroken state, he would wish to hear her “lovely lies” and adds before that her face could “fill an empty space”. This all deems very unfair towards his heart and Taylor wishes he was in a much more simpler time. Either being old, a newborn, or a “freight train”. All of these he would gladly be to not have any memories to come along with him, but to move at the same pace as time does, and be “keeping track”. Each chorus deeply reminds the listener of the mistake of being in an unfair situation, yet still being in love with the person that lies behind the relationship.

In the end, the song is a study of the situation where one is left treated badly, yet being sweetly in love with the person and still grieving over the situation at hand. The outro calmly ends the song with Taylor reminding of his foolishness, where he responds to finally being a “country fool”. Taylor’s innocence is conveyed here, being cruel to himself over something that he had not hoped for to happen, and probably feel worse than the other person who left him there.