Marcy Playground – “Sex & Candy”

The 90s had been cultivated with easy-going music, hard-headed grunge rock, acid techno, gangster rap and with that, along came diverse and different sounds, including a revival of 60s psychedelic rock performed by acts such as Brian Jonestown Massacre and early The Dandy Warhols. One hit that emerged was ‘Sex & Candy’, by Marcy Playground.

Holding a laidback grunge sound, the instant lyrics delivered brings the singer to be captivated in his own thoughts until he senses a woman sitting across from him, who is said to smell of “sex and candy”. This brings the imagery of a seductive and playful character who catches his attention. The laid-back guitar sound mixed with the soft drum sound brings more to the song. It delivers a simple and almost authentic sound that add to the lyrics. The use of similes that compare her to “double cherry pie” and “disco super-fly” intigrate the idea of him enjoying the idea of her, being as cool as something delicious. The hook that comes after it along with the riff comes to make him believe something so unimaginable that it is almost a dream, not being able to gather the situation of her seducing and giving “devious stares” to him. The second verse further describes his sense of thought and wandering around to cool his senses by having “too much caffeine”. This is then again contrasted to something that catches his self, which is the seductive person that now is in “platfrom double suede” and again the comparison of her being “like disco lemonade”. This brings furthermore an imagery of a very groovy and 60s-like character.

The hook that repeats for two more times gives the singer more disdain at the fact that there is someone interested and acting in such a way, not knowing who she is, or her towards him. The simple, repetitivie catchy hook brings an easy-going and unmatched reality to the feeling that it’s all a dream to him for this to happen, which fortunately is not the case.