Primal Scream – “Movin’ On Up”

Primal Scream, the band that came to light when they hit a new era in the 90s, the revival of psychedelic and garage rock. Their music was influenced with dance music and heavy hitting guitar. This was immediately reminiscent of The Rolling Stones. “Movin’ On Up” is a great example of a gospel and preachful rock n’ roll single.

The singer notes the fact that he was “blind” and “lost”, which is metaphorical as he does not see what lies ahead and being in a state of darkness. This can either note that he has found a new love that brought a clearer mindset and sense of nirvana, or as the album Screamadelica’s common theme is, the through use of drugs. By using such as MDMA, it brings him an ecstatic sensation of relief. The song overall presents a “Sympathy For The Devil” sensation due to the screaming and hard toned guitar solos, the acoustic and foreign drum influence. There is a use of acoustic guitar and positive, rich piano chords that thicken and add to the flow of the song. Along with the instruments there is a passionate use of a backing choir, which smoothly underly Gillepsie’s main vocals. It all sends of the positive outcome that lies ahead.

The song presents a clearance of mind and soul, that the singer has hit a state where he is able to enjoy his life, no matter what comes ahead of his journey. His belief is brought back and so is the love. His “bounds” are no more to be seen as an obstacle of struggle, but only the joy and enlightement that he feels in the moment. “Movin’ On Up” was brought in GTA: San Andreas as part of the Radio X soundtrack, which was the first time I personally had heard the song. It sent an immediate effect to me, the need to hear it played repeatedly.

The main part which had taken the sense of relief and of joy, is the lead guitar. It brings a well driven effect of excitement and crisp strength. As the song is near at an end, the words “my light shines on” are repeated over and over again. It brings the listener closer to the song and sends a message of ease and that problems, or times when we are down, will clear out for every one of us.