Scattered Questions and Disruptances

What if it is desired to be had and done? That people come and go. For some their roads are the ones that end sooner. But some cross when times are cold. What if the unnatural had a natural cause behind it, with a purpose done by someone above. But it all seems too surreal to be the original thought for, to lead.

Nothing has a stamp or a letter of date. It all stays for a while. Then leaves.

Yet others make you feel too cold to have to think of others than them. It disrupts the point of clearance.

No one can be there to build or to make a shield to protect, but to grow it over time.

Sometimes it feels odd and too odd to even understand. How or why people or events occur to an end in such manner. But the ideal point is that there is something behind it. Something unexplainable, something that cannot be wandered or seen passing by.

Kim Dorland – Cellphone