Blues Listens

Here’s a short list of blues or blues inspired music that I have been listening to.

  1. “Jitterboogie” by guitarist and musician Michael Hedges is a nice blues inspired piece that has been mixed with the “new-age genre”. Hedges is sufficient in showing what he’s able to do with a simple boogie rhythm and transform into his own unique world of melodies, that he’s been kind to share to the listeners.michael-hedges_torched
  2. “Girl Is On My Mind” by The Black Keys is one of my all-time favourite blues rock tracks that has ever come out. The album itself, called ‘Rubber Factory’ is also my favourite album by The Black Keys. Probably listened to that album 10 times and counting… Anyways, “Girl Is On My Mind” has the hook that can be imprinted into your mind, this comes along with the simple lyrics and the amazing rhythm of the heavy hitting drums by Carney. The tone of the track is very expressive,yet rather positive, almost taking the shape of a love track. The use of dynamics from loud to soft is used with the guitar and drums are what I really enjoy, making the track have a real blues feel, along with the guitar licks played in between.the_rubber_factory_the_black_keys
  3.  “I Can’t Be Satisfied” from ‘Hard Again’ by the blues master Muddy Waters has a great user of slide, nice bass in the background, and (of course) he talks of love’s distress. The use of D tuning also adds to the blues feel to the guitar. This makes the slide form the only guitar that is needed. All of this makes the perfect recipe for a memorable 60’s blues hit, that stays true to the original roots. hard_again_muddy_waters